Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hot Banana Cranberry Muffin Button Packs!!....

.........straight of out the kitchen were I concoct fabulous button packs in Little Red Cottage!! Yummie!! Check them out in the Button Section of the shop!

Moving from the kitchen to the living room of the cottage.........we turn on the TV and find out some fabulously exciting news about my Best Bettie Erin.........go check out her recent blog post........Erin and another local friend, Heather made a crazy video as part of their entry for the My Little Shoebox Design Team call..........and they made it! They are the My Little Shoebox newscasting team!! Stay tuned for more episodes!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper Ribbon, Prima Chipboard, and more....

........ I love love love the color aqua...I think if Red did not exist, aqua would be the one for me! :)

Check out some of the lovely new aqua/blue things at Little Red Cottage:

You'll find a listing with five different packs of Bazzill Button Brads in the SALE SALE SALE section right now...just $4 for ALL 5 packs, wow! I have been putting together more "lots" of certain items...and pricing them to go go keep checking back often!

Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper many things you can do with this fabulous product. I do have more than one of some of the colors listed, just send me a message on Etsy if you would like a custom listing for more than one pack.

Prima Chipboard letters in a super fun color combination.......aqua, blue, and yellow..these chipboard letters, numbers and symbols are self-adhesive, just pull off the white back, and they are SUPER GLOSSY and bold! Send me a message if you would like to buy more than one set.... it's only a DIME per letter...can't beat that!

Coming soon................MORE BUTTONS....more colors, more assortments...and bigger packs! More button love goodness...who can resist?

Not me!!

Everyone have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

April's Showers brought...........

............May's Flowers, one of the new button assortments! Check out May's Flowers, and the rest of the new assorted button packs I recently created in the..

of my Little Red Cottage!!
Also, check out those sweet TINY buttons up is the time to stock up on those hard to find bittie baby buttons! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daydreaming Is My Favorite Pastime - Inspiration Destash Scrapbook Kits!!! how many of you were tired of coming through the front gate of the Little Red Cottage blog, and looking at the ORANGE RIC RAC over and over and over and over??? How did it become May? And not just May...but the MIDDLE OF MAY? Where is my time?? Who took it!? ;)

I solemnly promise to update more often........

So what is new at the Cottage?
INSPIRATION DESTASH KITS....I just have too much scrapbooking goodies to list one at a I am going to be doing some kits....all coordinated and fun and ready to go! I love putting these together...I love mixing and matching up the colors...themes, much fun! Just grab one of these kits, your tools and adhesive..and you are READY TO a crop or your best bettie's house..anywhere! Speaking of Best Bettie's...check out the sweet blog post Erin wrote for me on her fabulous (and So Funny You Might Pee Your Pants Blog!)....after kindly letting me know it had been ALMOST TWO WEEKS SINCE I HAD POSTED TO MY BLOG!!! (Thanks Girlie!)

Here are pictures of Daydreaming Is My Favorite Pastime, just click on this link, and it will take you directly to the listing in my Etsy Cottage. I have another one listed right now....all sweet and girly and shabby sweet.... Isn't It Romantic?

Coming up soon....more Destashing Kits....more BUTTONS.....brand new ones are currently listed....I'll be introducing you to those tomorrow...and vintage trims......I'll be busy the next few days, and I'll keep you posted. I promise. ;)