Friday, February 4, 2011

Button Pack Giveaway!!!

I dyed up a fierce storm of buttons this week! 15 new packs! Shown here is:

Siren Song -- teals!! oh my!'ll also find:

Strawberries -- pinks so dark they are red. :)

Dutch Cocoa -- the brown they use for brownies you know....

Scarlett -- straight from Tara Road, these are the real red ones!

Denim -- just like your favorite faded jeans

Pinkberry -- they were berry, they were I named them Pinkberry. ;)

Royalty --'s a diva thang.

Orchid -- fuchsia color/flower named after another

Olive Branch -- GreenPeace

Marigold -- sunny rich yellow

Steel Her Heart -- lusicous steel a storm. love them!

California Poppies -- my state's lovely flower is a lovely yellow-orange color, so are these

Creme Brulee -- got dessert?

Grass -- hehee..... no, EASTER....

Lemondrop --like the candy or the drink....good and yellow either way

Check them all out in the HAND DYED BUTTON shop section!

Then take off to my Facebook page..........."like" me....and then enter the giveaway....I'll be drawing a name to win a double pack (100 buttons) of hand dyed beauties! Little Red Cottage on Facebook!