Sunday, November 2, 2008

California Rolls!

Here is another layout I created last week for the 'Ohana Kit.....this one shows my more linear side...straight lines, even borders, etc.

No worries though....I ran this through my sewing's hard to see in the photograph, but there is a nice zig-zag line going all around the Cosmo Cricket paper on the left...and some nice, big, funky handstitches with a nice, warm shad of embroidery floss actually sewn through the photos themselves.

This is my nephew, Joshua. He is a lot older than these photographs...he is a Freshman is High School just like my daughter. He lovessssss Wasabiiiiiiiiii!!

That's my kitchen in the background...we have those white square ceramic tiles that are so hard to keep clean...........but they they are almost starting to look vintage to me....especially with all the bits of aqua that I like to keep in there...I am almost sorry to think about redoing them someday.

Here is a closeup of the title, and subtitle....adore those Canvas Thickers in aqua......
Can you tell I love aqua??
I wonder if Little Aqua Cottage would of worked??
Nah........Red is still my first love! :)

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Kimmy said...

Awesome page! What about the sushi page from our 3:00 a.m. scrapping at the Canadian's? xoxoxo