Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wednesday & Thursday's Great Marketing Exchange Posts is celebrating their first Holiday Season on etsy with a HUGE SALE...go check out their shop announcments for all the deets.........I particularly like this print: Dragonfly Affection. is full of high quality handbags and zipper pouches........many in some of my favorite Amy Butler 'em! I adore this Weekend Tote in Amy Butler's Gothic Rose Print. International shipping is all set up for you...and the shop's feedback is excellent!


chelle said...

Thanks for the AbbaDabba bag link. What cute stuff. I won a handmade purse from ebay a few years ago, that remind me of this seller's work. Wonder if it's the same artist?

Michele Reed said...

It could be? You never know....there are quite a few "bag" sellers on both eBay and Etsy...but I thought AbbaDabba's looked especially well made...and great fabric choices too!