Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I did with the latest Color Me Miki Kit--Sweet Thing!

February's Color Me Miki Scrapbooking kit was LUSCIOUS, and just chock full of delicious crafting calories..........the best kind..the kind that make your projects FAT, not YOU!! (I still *want* a cupcake though! Where's my local cupcake guru when I need her the most?)
Check out all the contents of the kit at Color Me Miki, there are just a few kits left...and some addons available. Check out the Miki-Mart for Kawaii (CUTE stuff) and necessities!
Just have to tell you one quick thing before I check out for the night (read: PASS OUT! It's been a long, good day here!)....
It's hard to tell in the photo (and I'll post some more tomorrow) but I stuffed a bit of tissue paper in between the two layers of fabulous patterned paper.....and then I machine sewed it securely shut..........the pages are wonderfully fluffy and padded....just like a Sweet Cake.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
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lindylou said...

That is super cute!
And *what what what* is that see-through chipboard or what??
I like it whatever it is!

And regarding cupcakes, I happen to know that the ones Starbucks is currently selling are deelish!

Kelly said...

very cute! i decided long ago that neither cup cakes nor birthday cakes have any calories. indulge!

Carrie said...

Sweet, as always!!! Love it!