Monday, September 22, 2008

Mooseberry Hill Radio Show......We have a WINNER!

....I was lucky enough to jump onto last's week airing of the Mooseberry Hill Radio Show! It's a fun twosome of girls having a great time on the air, and promoting fellow Etsy Shops! Go check the Mooseberry Hill Radio thread in the Forums in the Community sections of Etsy if you would like to look into purchasing a spot for this week's airing!

Meanwhile........... agoodwitchtoo...... won the yummie autumn ribbon pack, donated by moi!!....Little Red Cottage (so fun to hear your shop name on the air!!).......sorry witchy, if this spoiled the surprize...but it was too pretty not to snap a pic of it! ;) Check out agoodwitchtoo's Etsy shop and blog...lots of handmade soaps to wash the wicked away, and keep ya smelling GOOODDDDD!

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agoodwitchtoo said...

With a teaser like that... I just had to look! So cute and thanks for the props, chickie!