Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stamping Kits!

I love putting together kits.....either going along with a theme, or just pulling out products by colors and textures....I have put together four fabulous stamping art for Christmas themes, one for Autumn/Fall themes or projects, one for all things that are PRETTY and PINK and GIRLY, and one that has a Friends theme featuring BLUE, ORANGE, and GREEN! Go check them out at Little Red Cottage!

As you can see, I have found the text color button. Bear with me, or come back if you love color, I don't think I am going to stop using it anytime soon. :)


pinkpatrice said...

Okay- I just might have to get the "Pink" one! FYI- I love your shop! You're a favorite now.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog - so colourful! Thanks for the heart :)