Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mother-Daughter Day.......New Button fun fun!

My daughter and I get to hang out today!! Just the two of us, here she is with her brother and Dad a few weeks ago at a black sand beach at the south tip of Hawai'i......I'm thinking pedicures, lunch, and the mall....?? How does that sound? :)

The boy child just left with Dad to catch the train to Comic-Con down in San Diego....I think he is going to FLIP HIS LID!! I hope Dad remembered the camera!

I have new button packs to share with you guys!! I will list a few before I leave today......yummy "flavors" like Strawberry-Mango Smoothie (Smooth pinks and peachy colors!)...and Hot Tamales (Fiery Reds!) that being in Hawai'i inspired me to mix together.....Hawaiian Sunset (Blues, Aquas, Pinks, and Oranges!)!

You can find these three new packs in the Button Pack Section of the shop! Remember that you will receive a FREE Primary Button Pack for every 10.00 you spend, offer good until this Sunday. Enjoy!


terri k said...

Cute layout!!

How was Comic Con? What costume did they wear? :) I was there too. I hope the man-child didn't get trampled on. It was crazy there!

Michele Reed said...

Hey there! didn't get trampled on, the big-man kept him safe and sound! They had a blast!

thevanitytable said...

I just finished browsing your shop & HAD to check out your blog. I adore so many of your items & I've marked a ton of them as favorites!!! I HOPE to be ordering from u very soon. Thanks so much for the time & effort u put into your shop & blog...I love them both.

Only The Very Best Wishes,

Michele Reed said...

Oh...thank you so much for the compliments! Hope to meet you soon over at my Little Red Cottage! :)