Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Silvery Collection of Christmas/Winter Scrapbook Mini Albums!

These are a bit late ....Yes, I know. :) Remember that whole Holiday Hiatus bit....but all these lovely chipboard albums were already painted, and much of the paper was already measured and I decided to bring them to life and list them in the cottage....and now my work table is cleared off for the next event!
These albums are perfect for putting all those lovely Christmas photos into.....go check them out in the Handmade Scrapbook Mini Album fixture in the Little Red Cottage. I've priced them to GO, GO, their new homes!
I've destashed some more while clearing off my work table....and I have found some lovely pink, red, purple, and heart-themed goodies for you and your upcoming Valentine's Day projects...I'll be listing them throughout this evening and tomorow morning.
Thanks for coming by the blog to see what's up..........see you soon!


Kelly said...

These are adorable!

Sunny said...

Adorable work as usual!