Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Betties...........Button Pack Giveaway!! of the newest button packs at Little Red Cottage, and one of my favorites!! These three colors are the best of friends!
Would you like to have these sweet little beauties come visit you (permanently)??
Just take a look over at Little Red Cottage's Button Packs Shop Section.....come back here and post what new color combination you would like to see in the future!! I have buttons waiting to be hand sorted, and I need your help! I have some beautiful mixes in mind...."Pacific Blue" is one coming up.....but I would LOVE to hear what you want or need or want. So let me know! I'll pick a random winner from the posts next Monday Evening, March 23, 6pm Pac Time, and I'll send them a Best Betties Button Pack! Be sure to leave a way for me to reach you with the good news!
Tell me. What sort of BUTTONY GOODNESS DO YOU WANT!? ;)


Reesa said...

How about a combo of browns, caramels and cremes and call it German Chocolate Cake?

Shimmermeblue said...

Those button are great and i'd love to win them! I think you should do lavendar/purples next.

betty said...

Lime green, hot pink and orange. The color could be called popsicle dreams. i asm in need of about 4.8 pounds of buttons, si i hope i win! pick me pick me! i am a button whore!

Cheryl said...

all your button packs are delicious! we'd like to see some yellows with blues, like lemon cake with blueberries on top!

Kimmy said...

It's that time of the year 20 days 8 mins and 51 secs. until the smell of fresh cut grass,and the crack of the bat!! Opening day for the Padres!!! Got baseball???
Blue, sand, white = Padre buttons
Black, Orange, white = Giants buttons! It could be called Spring Fever! Pick me Pick me!!!! Remember who hooks you up with Mike!!! :)

Bonnie said...

Love your button packs, especially since I just ordered some more! :) .... Love all your color choices, how about one called Beach Days with sand colors, aqua, and a little orange and pink added for those beautiful summer beach sunsets :) Yay.... summer is on the way.

Melissa said...

I am thinking yellows for sunshine and daffodils. I loved the idea someone had for baseball, maybe colors of grass, and dirt or something along those lines and call it opening day or America's favorite past time. I am so ready for baseball.

Fontaine said...

My vote is for reds, pinks, some cream/tans, maybe some green, and some white to make "strawberry shortcake". That is the epitomy of summer to me!
Thanks for the great giveaway. Good luck to everyone :)

lindylou said...

Well since it's spring time and the flowers are in full bloom, I suggest a pack of buttons in orange, yellow, purple, pink and red and call it Flower Fields!

Melanie said...

How about black, pink and white? You can call it Heidi Swapp, tee hee!
Love all your stuff Michele!

Estee said...

I desperately need more turquoise buttons. :) I think you should do a mix of turquoise, robin's egg blue and white. You could call it Spring Showers. :) This is fun!

mymenageries said...

I'd like to see earthy color mix browns, oranges, yellow, dark green, maroon. Or a collection of teeny tiny buttons which are expensive and hard to find. I have a great need for those right now.

Life'sJourney said...

Who doesn't love and NEED buttons? I am on the lookout for vintage 60's and 70's colors of green ( lime or even avodcado ) oranges and browns to go with all of the retro papers I've been buying lately. I don't know what you'd call it,but I'd love it!!
~Rachel :)

The Giggles Family said...

What about Watermelon Splash? Greens, Fushcias, White and few tiny Blacks. .... or a Burst of Neon Fun in a Rainbow assortment and call it a Brain Freeze... what you get when you drink a Slushie too fast.
Chocolate in the Sun could have some warm caramels, brown, beiges and know, drippy, yummy warm shades of brown.

Hope this gives you some ideas :)
Love your shop!

Doramiyi said...

Oh there's so many, how about:

Strawberry Fields-for shade of pink n' red

Espresso-for hues of browns

Choco'Teal-for the browns n' teal (just like the popular wedding combo)

Choco'Sprinkles-for browns n' pinks (again just like the popular wedding combo, but this name can be good for browns and an assortment of other fun colors)

Cosmopolitan-for your reds n' purples

Hope this helps you out. Thanks for a chance to win.

doramiyi at gmail dot com