Monday, March 2, 2009

Button Goodness Arrived at Little Red Cottage's Doorstep......

............and now it's ready to go spend some quality time at YOUR house! ;)

Big Top Button Pack (shown)

Tangerine Dream (it's so fun naming these cuties!)

Sesame Street (can you show me how to to get to Sesame when I was little, I thought they were singing, "How to get to Stephanie Street", and it thought it was sooo cool that there was a TV show named after my sister. Hee!)
Go check 'em out..........more will be listed tomorrow! Vintage whites, blues, a fun Retro mix, and more!


Cheryl said...

definitely some goodness going on here!

peata said...

sooo pretty. all the pretty buttons.

Michele Reed said...

Thank you, girls! There is more button packs to come! Woohoo!