Monday, September 13, 2010

More Terrific Treasuries on Etsy!

Little Red Cottage is happy to have some more items, like my buttons here, featured in Etsy's Treasuries....curated collections/list of items found throughout Etsy...with a theme. Check these out:

Surrounded by Friends...For Piecemama
is a collection of items from the Etsy shops of people who are friends with "Piecemama", Jewel...who is going through a difficult's a sweet, thoughtful collection put together by jenniferlynnstudio.

Button, Button....Who's Got the Buttons?
is a super fun, eclectic mix of buttons to be found on mega pack of Halloween Harvest Buttons is found amongst this fun group created by SusanEknits!


Erin P said...

love your haloweenie mixes mama! xoxox

Michele Reed said...

Thank you!! It's a great time of year for COLOR! All these warm oranges and browns make me feel happpyyyyy!